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What Others Say About Us?

Want to know what our clients are saying about us?

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Doggie Goddess Pet Services

Paw Five testimonials

Doggie Goddess Pet Services

“We couldn’t be happier with Traci’s services! Traci is an excellent dog sitter and she instantly bonds with your dog (making the transition an easy process). We highly recommend Doggie Goddess Pet Services to anyone looking for a place to take their dog – you won’t be disappointed.”

- Lisa P.
Scout’s Mommy

Doggie Goddess Pet Services

“I really can’t express how indebted I am to Traci and her first-rate pet service! I have been boarding my dog, Betsy, with Doggie Goddess Pet Services for several months now, as I am abroad studying. Since using Traci’s service, Betsy has become a more well-behaved, content dog. Being with Traci and her “pack” everyday has improved Betsy’s quality of life significantly and helped remedy some of her anxious habits from being a rescue pup. Thank you again Traci for all the love and personal attention you give Betsy…you and your service is personal, professional and top-notch. I highly recommend it!”

- Lisa (Betsy’s Mom)
Doggie Goddess Pet Services is a God send!

Doggie Goddess Pet Services

“Thank You so much Traci for taking care of my little Chloe when I went on vacation, You were truly a life saver!! You kept me updated with pictures & videos to assure me that my baby was enjoying herself, which really took a load off of my mind (you know how us over protective moms can be lol). When I came to pick her up she wasn’t ready to leave which obviously meant she was having too much fun with her new friends. Chloe was a total happier dog when i brought her home…I cant wait to bring her back! Thank You Mucho!!”

Shaunice – Chloe’s Mommie
Home Away From Home

Doggie Goddess Pet Services

“Traci is not only the best dog sitter in the world, but a truly lovely person. My dog Tiki loves going to Traci’s, where he has a loving home and lots of human attention, and also a wonderful group of other dogs. Being a shelter dog, he had some issues socializing with other dogs, but with Traci’s help he has overcome them. I used to be hesitant to plan trips, and boarding Tiki made me feel awful, but now I know that he has having more fun than I am when I go on vacation. Traci is nice enough to send pictures and videos of Tiki, so even when I’m on vacation I can know he’s happy and healthy. And with all the walks and trips to the dog park, I get to come home to a happily exhausted dog while I recover from jet lag. Thank you Traci! I have no idea what I would do without you :)”

- Vanessa and Tiki

Doggie Goddess Pet Services

“I’ve known Traci for 5 years and she is one of the very few people I would trust with my dog, Lola She really is awesome and the best It’s easy to see how much my dog loves Traci whenever they’re together. Lola runs around excited and happy, tail wagging …. Traci always provides updates on how Lola is doing and frequently sends me pictures I cannot recommend Traci enough, she’s amazing and I would recommend her to anyone Traci, thank you so much!”

- Darren, A Very satisfied owner and a very, very happy puppy!

Doggie Goddess Pet Services

“Thank you soo much traci. You are awesome and truly the best. My 2 dogs loved you and it showed with all the pictures you took. Traci did an amazing job and took pictures to update us on how my dogs were doing. She took my dogs on short notice and it was the best experience. Thank you again. Angela & Dan, bunny & biggie.”

- Angela Talamantez

Doggie Goddess Pet Services

“Dear “Mama Traci” — Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. Do you have any idea how much I love you? I love you more than anything, even more than bones and tennis balls! I even love you more than I love chicken (and that’s a whole lot!) I used to be really fearful and shy, never wanting to be away from my human mommy for even a minute. But you helped me learn to trust. You started walking me and taking me to the park, playing with me, scratching my tummy, giving me kisses, patting my head, talking to me with your happy, sweet voice, and giving me yummy treats. Now I’ve known you for almost four years and I’ve even spent the night at your house! You and my mommy say it’s like I’m a different dog now…you helped me gain my confidence and now I’m much more secure, happy, and brave. I’m a lot happier now, thanks to you and all the patient, caring love you show me. And I love nothing more than seeing you and going to your house. You are truly my “other” mother!”

- Bailey, Adoring Doggie Client — 9 y.o. Lab Mix

Doggie Goddess Pet Services

Traci, my dear friend, I think you know how much of lifesaver you are. I was just as surprised as anyone when I found out that I AM one of those anal dog mommies I always laugh about. I was so worried that Paco would pee all over your house and refuse to poop on his walks, but you set my mind at ease about everything and worked miracles while I was away for Christmas. Out of all the things I worried about (and there were a lot, because I am an expert worrier), I never once worried about Paco. He can’t wait to come back while I’m away for the wedding, and he’ll be bringing his new sister with him, too! Love you!”

- Megan Speer, Paco’s mommy!

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