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Doggie Goddess 

Dog Day Care Center Everybody Trusts!

Who We Are?

Doggie Goddess Pet Services

As a family owned & operated Doggie Daycare & Boarding business with four wonderful dogs of our own, at DGPS, everything that we do is with love & passion for all dogs! We are here because we genuinely care about your pets!


We offer a completely cagefree daycare and boarding environment for all dogs that stay with us. We strive to serve you and your pet. You won’t find more personalized service anywhere!

When your dogs stay with us, they are guaranteed to have a great time. With dog orientated activities such as catch, ball, chase, tug-o-war, etc, you are sure to have a happy and tired pup at the end of the day!

We are happy to provide an environment where your dog can socialize, learn, and have FUN! Since 2008, we have been blessed with having a wonderful clientele that sees us as FAMILY! Being a small family owned business, you are guaranteed to have that same feeling of love & trust!

Doggie Goddess Pet Services
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