Cage Free Doggie Daycare


We have over 4,000 sqft of cage free play space in our daycare center! We have toys, balls, an agility ramp, and lots of space to romp and play around! You are guaranteed to have an exhausted pup after a day of play with us! Available Monday-Saturday! (Sundays coming soon)!

Drop-In Rate:

$40 (1 dog) (add’l dog $35)

Half days (4 hours or less) $20

Pupstomer Appreciation Day is Tuesday!

           A full day is only $25!

Daycare Packages:


$700/month (averages to $25/day) (BEST DEAL)!

Flexible packages (good for 90 days from date of purchase)

5-Day $190 ($38/day)

10-Day $360 ($36/day)

20-Day $680 ($34/day)