March 2017!


How have you been!? Hope your 2017 is off to a great start for these first 3 months! I hope all is well and you're enjoying your day!!!

So what's new!? With us? Nothing much. We're trying to grow and expand. Being a small business is rewarding but also hard. Little by little, we are transforming the facility! The latest upgrade are our lights! 

Thank you all for your feedback! We're glad you like them! Definitely adds something new to our facility! Next on the list is remodeling our lobby! I know the barking can be...LOUD, but hey! They're just as happy to see who's coming in as I am! Our new lobby will be more sound proof. Hopefully we can get that ball rolling in the summer. Also, retail! I'll announce when that launches, but they'll be food, toys, leashes, and collars to start off with.

Let's talk kids! There have been quite a few births lately! Congratulations to everyone that has had a bundle of joy recently! Our "herd" is growing fast! Asha is 13, Chris Jr. is almost 3, and little Brenden is 7 months! Needless to say, between pups & kids, we're very busy!

I wanted to talk to you about discount days. We began discount days almost 2 years ago. We are so happy that a lot of you are appreciating it! For those that don't know, Wednesdays daycare is $25 and Saturdays daycare is $20.

Wednesdays are a hit! But Saturdays are a drag.

Sometimes you need us, and sometimes you don't. Sometimes, we'll be here and not one dog will come in on Saturdays..or sometimes only ONE!

So we're going to try something new to see how it goes!

Effective immediately, Saturdays will require a reservation request for daycare & checking in/out for boarding. If you would like daycare, or to drop off or pick up on a Saturday, please call, text, or email your request for Saturdays. I will put you on the list.

By Friday, if we don't have anyone on the list, we will be closed and there will be no need for us to come to the facility. We can stay home with the boarding crew for some R & R!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this announcement. I'm always here to talk.

We will remain closed on Sundays as our off day.

Love you all!

Haven't seen some of you in awhile. I know our lives are changing, but just say HEY to me here or on social media, or call me or text me! I love hearing from you!

Kiss your pups on the nose for me! Unless they're here with me right now, then I'll do it myself! HA!

P.S. Follow us on social media links below!

More announcements coming soon!


Doggie Goddess

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