How we adopted Rudolph

In March of 2010, we received a phone call about if we would like to

. There was no doubt in my mind that he should be a member of our family. We had been pet sitting him for about six months at the time and every time he came to visit he always felt like he belonged with us. Rudolph was always great with my kids. Asha was his favorite because she was first. Then when CJ came along, there was no doubt in Rudolph's head that he had a new family member to love . He would always bump Cj and knock him down and Cj would go "no Rudolp"... He was my running partner. It's how I lost some of the weight after CJ was born. We would always go on our 3-5 mile walks and runs. He never gave up and was never tired. He always wanted to go more. My big boy was always the center of attention wherever we went. At school..aka the facility, people always admired him. He never showed any aggression. He never was sad. When I saw him last night before I went to bed, I had no idea that it would be the last time that I saw him. If I did, I would have hugged him just a little tighter. This morning after I got to work, Chris called me and told me that Rudolph had passed. I didn't get to see him this morning because it's dark when I leave in the morning. But I didn't hesitate to come see him when I got home for my break. He looked so peaceful. He definitely was sleeping. It's so hard on us right now. Chris doesn't even want to talk about it. Rudolph was like Chris' best friend in the dog sense. He didn't really claim my other dogs.... jokingly and only claimed Rudolph as his dog. I have so many stories and so many pictures and so many memories. Saying goodbye... it's not always easy. But I know that Rudolph lived an amazing life with us.. I'm going to miss my big boy.

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